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Southern Thai Food by Auntie Bee of 101 Thai Kitchen, the UK’s first and only specialist in Southern Thai cooking, is coming to Lyndhurst on Monday 16th December.
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Meet Toa Bee
“Toa” in the Southern Thai Yawi language means “grandma”. No she’s not that old...although she’s getting on abit! She is our Auntie but “grandma” to our kids so we we call her “Toa Bee”
A southerner by birth, she was born along time ago in Hat Yai, Songkhla Province to. One of 11 siblings, her father was of the Indian sub continent (exact location not known as no records were kept) and her Mum was a beautiful Thai lady.
Coming from a large family it was always expected that all children helped with cooking and everyday chores and that’s exactly what Toa Bee did..she cooked.
With no formal education her Mum was her cookery teacher.
Moving on swiftly to the 21st century. She still cooks her southern dishes for family, staffs and friends. One day I asked if she’d like me to put her home cooked food on the menu. Her words were “Don’t be silly, Farangs ( westerners) won’t be able to handle it!...unless I water it down and make it less spicy.”
I said “NO” do it the way you feed us.
A bit nervous at first but I finally made her agree.
So here we are. Toa Bee’ Southern specialties. What you’ll be experiencing in our Southern specials are true original taste with no heat reduced to please western pallets.I sourced local fish and produce for her and she did the rest.
So come along and try her food or pop in to say “As-salāmu ʿalaykum Toa Bee”
101 Thai Kitchen
The only restaurant in the UK serving real authentic Southern dishes.

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