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สวัสดีครับ สวัสดีคะ


In 2004 we opened our first restaurant, 101 THAI KITCHEN in Hammersmith, London. We were pioneers in bringing authentic and traditional ‘real’ Thai food, especially that of the Isaan (Northeastern) region to both the UK Thai community and the wider public. We are also fortunate to have with us our Auntie Bee whose Southern culinary expertise is second to none, making our restaurants the only ones in the UK who specialise in the food of Southern Thailand.

All these influences come from our birth place of Roi Et in the Isaan region and Hat Yai in the South.


At Anissa’s, you too can now enjoy these authentic dishes.


Our philosophy here at Anissa is Eat, Drink,  Relax and most importantly we want you to do it the ‘Thai’ way.



We love our food and we want to share it with you. At Anissa’s, you’re sure to be treated with fresh, home cooked and authentic Thai food. The food you’re about to encounter are some of the most popular ‘street food’ dishes found throughout Thailand. We’re unique. A lot of the food on the menu will be new to you and some you won’t see in an any restaurants in the

UK. We also love to talk about our food and can suggest tasty dishes to suit
novice and seasoned diners alike so please ask our staff for assistance and

When you dine with us here, you are promised the finest, best local produce
and ingredients. Being in the New Forest we are lucky that
we’re surrounded by the freshest of ingredients and produce. Meat and eggs
from local farms and butchers, seafood from the Hampshire coast and locally
grown vegetables and mushrooms. We use these fantastic local ingredients
alongside our exotic Thai herbs and spices to create these special dishes but
without compromising the true Thai techniques and tastes.

We love to drink when dining with 
friends. Enjoy our cold Thai ‘Chang’ beer, explore our extensive selection of wines from all corners of the world or taste refreshing gin cocktails


When you have good food, good wine and good company... what else can you do but relax.Sit back and let us entertain you.

Enjoy your time here with us.

Thai food in the UK has, over the years, been over adapted and some may suggest “westernised”. We’re here to offer alternatives. At Anissa’s, we’ll take you to another dimension of Thai culinary culture. When dining with us, justimagine you’re in Thailand. Please don’t be afraid to try new things and don’t be shy to use your fingers!

The menu may be new to you but please take it from us that these are the kind of foods that Thais love to eat and wewould love to share it with you. So relax, be brave, be bold....be Thai andenjoy your meal





Thank you

Sutti & Nong






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